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Our Story

Once, The heart and soul of the ancient world, the Mediterranean basin's civilization incorporated it's human philosophy and the richness of it's soil, into a heartily message of a healthy, wholesome diet where food is an art and expression.
Our "Meza", is a floral bouquet of heavenly tastes of the oldest known ingredients of goodness; olive oil, fresh lemon juice, garlic, herbs, legumes, seeds and nuts.
We are the custodians of that message, and we aspire to deliver on it's promise.
"Mora" is not a name, it's a destination...


In the Kitchen

We ensure and implement all the required standards and legislation for health and safety, hygiene (5), and environmental controls. All staff are appropriately trained to support both quality and regulation compliance’s.


Our takeaway packaging is food safe and we make sure to use recyclables where possible.

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